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Bullying and how to cope

If you are being bullied it’s important that you tell someone you trust. It doesn’t matter what colour hair you have; what trainers you are wearing; how you speak; how you walk; how you talk – it is not your fault if you get bullied. We are all different in some way and that’s what makes us amazing. Whether you are a boy or a girl, old or young, big or small – bullying makes you feel rubbish and it’s okay to be upset about Continue reading →

Danny ‘The Beast’ Otteson gets the Win over Welsh Champ

After his impressive knock out over Psychos Black Belt Sammy Kerns, Danny returns to the Ring on to take on another Psychos fighter in a three round kickboxing showdown. After a long and tough training camp and a severe weight cut, Danny weighed in at 78.4 Kg which was a little under the weight required to match his opponent Josh Murrells, a welsh title holder from Psychos Martial Arts. Danny started strong with a clean punch that off balanced Josh, after this the fight became Continue reading →

MAAB Anti Bullying Pledge

Our students are taught how to defend themselves against the bully and the correct procedures to follow when faced with a bully, they are also taught how NOT to be a bully.  Here is the Martial Artists Against Bullying student pledge. I believe everyone has the right to feel safe I will commit to standing strong against bullying I will treat others with respect and kindness I have the compassion to not be a bully And the courage to not be a bystander It is Continue reading →

The 5 C’s of Trust

The ability to gain and keep trust is a vital factor in the ability to influence others. Research has shown, time and time again, that trust is always a contributing factor in the ability to influence others. When a person trusts you, trust alone can cause them to accept your message. On the flip side, if they don’t trust you, all the evidence, reasoning, facts, or figures in the world won’t get them to budge. Trust can be an ambiguous concept, but certain things are Continue reading →

Super Smoothie

Smoothies are one of the quickest, easiest and most fun ways to help your children work towards eating up to two of their five portions of fruit and veg a day. Our smoothie can be made with lots of different fresh or frozen fruits. But the best bit is, you can let the children experiment with the fruit and help choose, peel and chop. What you need A blender 100ml of ice – cold semi-skimmed milk per child (use whole milk if they’re under 2 Continue reading →

7 Reasons why parents should join in

7 Reasons why parents should join in martial arts lessons 90% of all those who have taken part after their child has joined have stayed because they enjoy it themselves. You can help your child even more at home because you will understand what they need to achieve since you will be doing the same! Your child will get to see how worthwhile it is to do, remember you are a role model to your children, if you do it, they will want to be Continue reading →

How to Help Your Child Succeed in Martial Arts

  Parents get their children involved in martial arts for many reasons, here are some of the common reasons why parents get their children involved : Teaching them to concentrate more effectively so that they can become better learners. Enhancing their coordination so they can become better athletes. Improving their social skills by teaching them how to be more respectful and courteous. Reinforcing the foundational qualities of cooperation and trust. Teaching them basic martial arts and self defense skills. Teaching them strategic self defense (bully proofing Continue reading →

White or Brown Bread?

To make white bread, food manufacturers remove the bran and wheat germ from wheat flour, and bleach it white using potassium bromate, benzoyl peroxide or chlorine dioxide gas. The question of which bread, white or brown, is healthier, depends on a variety of factors that are important to understand when you shop. Nutrients Whole wheat brown bread has a “nutritional advantage” over white bread, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is because brown breads made from whole wheat usually contain more fiber than Continue reading →