Lee Carter – 5th Degree Black Belt

Lee Carter

Mr Carter has been practicing Martial Arts for over 36 years, starting at the age of 5 years old with Classical Chinese Boxing and Wado-Ryu Karate where he was awarded his first black belt.

From there he went on to study a range of martial arts and variations including Freestyle Karate, Boxing, Lau Gar Kung Fu, Judo, traditional Ju-Jitsu, Nin-jitsu. In search of greater marital arts skills he turned his sights to Tae Kwon Do seeking to expand his already vast knowledge of martial arts. It was there he achieved Welsh & British Gold Medals for both fighting and forms events.

Mr Carter joined the WCKA in 1988 at the Swansea club under Master Brown while continuing with the other martial arts and under close guidance from Master Brown he was able to place 3rd in the Twin Tiger all styles world championships and has since collected numerous gold medals for points fighting, light contact, full contact and more recently weapons and empty handed forms.

Mr Carter holds a black belt in no less than five different martial arts systems and now teaches at three academies in the Swansea Valley passing on his knowledge and helping students reach their own personal goals.

Competition Achievements

Some of Mr Carter's notable achievements include;

  • WUMA European Weapons Champion
  • WUMA British Self Defence Champion
  • WAKO Welsh Points Fighting Champion
  • WAKO Welsh Forms Grand Champion
  • WAKO Welsh Traditional Forms Champion
  • WAKO Welsh Weapons Champion
  • WKA Welsh Weapons Champion
  • TAGB British Sparring Champion
  • TAGB British Patterns Champion
  • Twin Tiger World all Styles Bronze Medalist
  • Combat Invitational Champion